Buy Plastic Clothes Hangers

The largest selection of cheap plastic hangers for sale is assorted at Sunfine Hanger with every style and colours to match your interior. Buy latest plastic clothes hangers and plastic suit hangers at wholesale price.

Made from hardened plastics, these hangers are nearly unbreakable and one can hang heavy clothes such as coats, overcoats or pair of jeans. It wont break even if you load multiple clothes on it.

We have different sizes and you can buy plastic hangers for men, women and children. For women’s lingerie and swimsuits, we have specially built plastic hangers. Our 19” suit hangers or the bendable 21” inch hanger, made from rubber foam, for display purposes can easily hold oversize and overweight dresses.

We build hangers which is built like human shoulders so that the expensive clothes receive the proper support at the proper places. It also helps them to retain their proper structure or shape. Forget crumples or creases when using plastic hangers from Sunfine Hanger. These hangers are made in different sizes, from 10” to 19”.

Our new clothes vine hanging system helps you save considerable space inside your wardrobe. These cascading hangers join easily to form an unbroken chain of plastic hangers. One can easily hang multiple clothes in one slot, utilising the vertical slots. Buy plastic clothes hangers and load double or triple clothes in the same space.

Plastic hangers are great for display purposes so as a retailer or tailor, you might want to buy bulk. You can buy plastic hangers at special wholesale price from Sunfine Hanger.