SunFine Hangers is one of the known companies that provides a wide selection of hangers, which are made of finest materials. The clothes hangers offered by the company includes wooden hanger, metal hanger, plastic hanger, bamboo hanger, and satin hanger. The hangers manufactured by SunFine are all made of top-notch quality materials.

The company understands that even the simplest things like hangers serves an essential role in the service offered by hotels and boutiques. To ensure that the company will be able to help its clients, they make sure that the hangers they will produce will pass the highest standard of quality being followed in the manufacturing industry. SunFine Hangers is based in Guanxi, China. The company has been an active manufacturer and exporter of clothes hangers for more than 10 years now. The company has its own hanger factory located in the south area of China and is employing over 200 workers who help in achieving the company’s aim in producing quality clothing hangers. For further inquiry or to know more about the order details in purchasing hangers manufactured by the company, please feel free to contact the company at Tel: +86-773-3107508,mobile phone no:+86-159-773-23825, send us an email at